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Why Electronic Sphygmomanometer Is A Family Necessity
- Jul 24, 2017 -
Many hypertensive patients are more concerned about such a problem: the blood pressure measured by electronic sphygmomanometer is accurate. Objective to allow hypertensive patients to use the quality test of qualified electronic sphygmomanometer, the State administration of quality supervision and regulation of electronic sphygmomanometer rate of 78%. Now the sales market above the electronic sphygmomanometer most of the quality is clearance, measuring the accuracy of blood pressure can be guaranteed. However, because many of the brand different blood pressure monitors, styles are also different, in the user to measure the process of BP must have a bit of deviation. So the blood pressure measured by the electronic sphygmomanometer is not exactly the problem is relative, it is caused by various reasons, not only the blood meter unilateral problem