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The Way To Buy A Foot Bathtub
- Jul 24, 2017 -

When choosing a foot bathtub, you usually have to choose a good reputation, big brand, perfect service and stable quality products. "Three-look" is required when choosing a foot bath product.

One depends on whether bacteriostatic. General foot Bathtubs are made of ordinary plastic, easy to cause bacteria breeding and reproduction, treatment is not good, may cause infection to the foot. Now the market has a bacteriostatic foot bathtub, bacteria can play a very good inhibition, the family common use, will not cross infection.

The second is to see the massage effect and convenience. Only a single massage function of the foot tub is easy to produce massage fatigue, more than a few times after the wash no feeling. Massage intensity should be differentiated to accommodate different populations. For the elderly, the convenience of drainage is particularly important.

Third, to see the heating function, low price of the foot tub a lot of no heating function, or only one stall heating, or temperature can not reach the effect of the bubble feet. This is also a very easy place to make a mistake when choosing a foot tub.

If the conditions permit, the home tub should choose a full-featured, such as some of the foot tub products from the decoction of Traditional Chinese medicine function, because it can automatically generate foot bath liquid medicine, reduce the usual foot bath when the trouble of boiling Chinese herbs.