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The Elderly Should Choose To Use Massager Correctly
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Three points to consider when selecting Massager:

One is to look at the appearance, modelling to be beautiful and generous.

Second, listen to the noise level, start the massager after listening to, generally speaking, low noise quality good.

Three is the feeling massage effect, with strong, weak switch massage, can be opened respectively strong, weak switch, see whether it is flexible, open "strong" switch on the massage site, so that people feel there is a strong vibration; turn on the "weak" switch to make people feel a slight mild vibration.

The elderly should be cautious in choosing massage massager

Massage Chair Mechanical massage and artificial massage, although it has a few contacts, but can not choose points, point and do similar artificial massage action, just imitate the person "rub", "pinch" action. Therefore, it can only eliminate fatigue, reduce discomfort, play a relaxing role, because of its strength is not easy to control, when the force is small, the effect is not big, the strength of the time will make muscle pain.

Now many massage chairs on the market are mainly body massage, usually have a great force on the spine, because of the decrease of the intervertebral disc moisture, the lumbar vertebra gap narrows, so that the ligament around the spine is in a state of relaxation, if the use of improper massage device, will lead to biomechanical changes in the spine, small joints disorder, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, and so on, causing the body discomfort aggravating.

Therefore, the elderly in the selection of Massager should be cautious, should choose to local muscle or acupressure massage, and in accordance with the Instrument manual, the time should not be too long, generally not more than half an hour. Osteoporosis due to lack of calcium and other reasons, easy to lead to brittle bones, massage strength, easy to cause fracture, so osteoporosis should not use electric massage chair. If you massage immediately after an acute injury or use a massage device, you will aggravate inflammation and edema and aggravate the pain.