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How To Buy Blood Pressure Monitor
- Jul 24, 2017 -

(a) home electronic sphygmomanometer What brand is good?

Now the mainstream of the industry's electronic sphygmomanometer brands include: Omron, Diving, love Austrian music, Reddien, Sejoy, nine Ann, small nurses and so on. So, what brand of home electronic sphygmomanometer is good? According to the medical experts, look at the brand in the second, mainly in the way of measuring blood pressure, electronic sphygmomanometer There are three main categories, including finger sphygmomanometer, wrist sphygmomanometer, arm type sphygmomanometer, these three kinds of electronic sphygmomanometer relatively speaking, the operation is relatively easy, but the accuracy is very different. Therefore, for the electronic sphygmomanometer What brand good problem, the key is to measure the way of blood pressure, and choose the market with a higher degree of recognition is also one of the big brand.

But, the electronic Sphygmomanometer brand is many, the quality difference is very big, especially now the popular net buys, everybody buys the electronic sphygmomanometer on the net to need to stay back more, sees more to compare, in this way to reflect the choice of net shopping, price and benefits of the advantages, the main attention to the following: first of all, as far as possible to choose manufacturers in each of the official platform of the company's flagship store; Secondly, the election of good word-of-mouth, special attention to poor evaluation;

(ii) Electronic Sphygmomanometer brand _ price?

According to Taobao and other major electricity platform electronic sphygmomanometer sales data, the author has reached an electronic Sphygmomanometer brand list of top 10 products, for reference only: 1, Omron; 2, diving, 3, Love AO Music, 4, Reddien, 5, nine Ann, 6, small nurse and so on. So what is the price of electronic sphygmomanometer? The general low end of the electronic sphygmomanometer price in more than 100 yuan, high-end also has thousands of, but suitable for general household electronic Sphygmomanometer, price at 200-500 yuan is enough. On that day, the electronic sphygmomanometer price is different, the life span also has the difference, for example, 100 yuan's sphygmomanometer may only measure 10,000 times, but 2000 yuan can measure 5,000 times. and home use of electronic sphygmomanometer, one months may be measured 2-3 times, so do not need to buy medical sphygmomanometer so expensive, high-end.

(iii) Home electronic sphygmomanometer purchasing skills

Understand the electronic sphygmomanometer what brand good and electronic Sphygmomanometer brand and price, then how to buy high-quality electronic sphygmomanometer? The author interviews the authoritative personage in the industry, gave the following suggestion:

1, go to the drugstore to buy. Electronic Sphygmomanometer belongs to the medical products, as far as possible to choose to go to pharmacies or brand-name Sphygmomanometer store purchase, if the online purchase, but also to choose brand Electronic Sphygmomanometer in the online official franchise store.

2, see the quasi-certification mark. At present, the quality of electronic sphygmomanometer in the market is mixed, as far as possible to purchase an internationally certified electronic sphygmomanometer-in the blood pressure monitor outsourcing equipment or manuals, the European Institute of Hypertension (ESH), the British Hypertension Society (BHS) or the United States Instrument Association (AAMI) certification of one of the signs.

3. The more expensive the price, the better the quality. It should be said that the price and quality of the blood pressure monitor is not related, but with the additional function, for example, the price of more expensive sphygmomanometer may also have a transmission function, you can put each measurement of the blood pressure of a computer.