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Four Threshold For Blood Sugar Meter Selection
- Jul 24, 2017 -
First of all, the price is still the choice of blood sugar meter "the first hurdle." Because of the high frequency of test paper, and large brands of paper costs are high, but the quality is guaranteed. Therefore, the purchase of omron sugar meter, and join the blood Sugar Meter member club can use the member points to exchange test strips or a variety of gifts, so this is also a way to reduce costs. Second, accuracy is an important factor in determining the quality of the blood sugar Analyzer. August 2012, in a diabetes research laboratory in Shanghai, 100 volunteers were selected, using Omron HEA-230 blood glucose meter and the use of hea-stp30 blood sugar test paper and hospital-specific large-scale automatic blood glucose biochemical testing equipment for comparative testing. The results showed that the detection of blood glucose by omron HEA-230 Blood glucose analyzer was close to that of medical large-scale biochemical instruments, and it was an ideal blood glucose meter for self-monitoring of diabetic patients. Third, whether it can quickly solve the problem of the use of blood sugar meter, but also the choice of blood sugar meter need to consider factors. As a member of the omron blood glucose meter, the club will send the health knowledge Bulletin to its members irregularly, and carry out various kinds of activities for its members, for example, redeem points and provide rich prizes such as test strips. Four, can carry on the blood sugar monitoring conveniently at home, can reduce the burden of the diabetic person greatly, therefore pay more attention to convenience. In addition, OMRON has set up 128 after-sales service centers in 58 cities nationwide, as well as a perfect 400 national free service hotline, at any time for the city members to provide blood sugar meter after-sale and advisory services.