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Electrons Or Mercury, Which Is The Best Blood Pressure
- Jul 24, 2017 -

In the past, we have been in the measurement of blood pressure has been the use of traditional mercury blood pressure instrument, but with the development of technology, now began to pop the electronic blood pressure meter, but many users of electronic blood pressure instrument is hesitant attitude, electronic blood pressure meter is really better than Mercury sphygmomanometer?

"The idea should be changed to reduce the use of mercury sphygmomanometer and switch to Mercury-free electronic sphygmomanometer." "The concept of" green health care "was agreed by experts on the" 2013 press conference on medical devices without Mercury ", held on August 29.

At present, China is the world's largest use of mercury products, in January 2013, more than 140 countries and regions, including China, adopted the Water Minamata Convention on Mercury, which required 2020 years to prohibit the production and import and export of mercury-containing thermometers and blood pressure monitors, and the electronic sphygmomanometer would be a major medical device for measuring BP.

Professor Wang, of the National Center for Cardiovascular disease, explained that the traditional mercury-containing sphygmomanometer had some subjective human factors, and the measurement value inevitably had some differences, such as the effect of ambient noise, the speed of the doctor's discharge and the reading preference, which would cause the error of blood pressure. The advantage of the electronic sphygmomanometer is that it can accurately measure the instantaneous change of blood pressure. "China's hypertension Prevention and Control Guide 2010" pointed out that the use of proven (British Hypertension Society, the United States Medical Device Testing Association and the European Hypertension Society) of the upper arm of automatic or semi-automatic electronic sphygmomanometer, can accurately measure blood pressure.

Professor Wang points out that there is no difference in accuracy between electronic sphygmomanometer and Mercury Sphygmomanometer, in the near future, electronic sphygmomanometer will be combined with wireless communication technology, patients at home measured blood pressure data can instantly be transmitted to the doctor's computer, shorten the distance between doctors and patients, so that the prevention and treatment of hypertension more convenient and efficient.

It can be seen that the electronic blood pressure meter in the accuracy and safety performance than the traditional blood pressure meter is much better, users need not worry about.