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Deaf Hearing Aids For Children At 6 Years Of Age
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Neonatal unilateral hearing impairment can not be neglected

Neonatal unilateral hearing loss can not be ignored, these children do not use hearing aids also hear normal speech, parents will feel no need to wear hearing aids. Guo Lin said that if one side hearing mild injury can not wear hearing aids, if it is moderate or severe hearing impairment, you need to wear hearing aids.

One side hearing loss more serious children, life will face many problems, such as noise understanding speech difficulties, the direction of the ability to identify the decline in the use of binaural effect, and so on, learning and life will bring certain impact.

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Beware of strong sound signal unlimited amplification

At present, Denmark, the United States, Canada, Germany and other countries to produce more mature hearing aids technology, the brand has Siemens, excellent, peak force, Stark and other brands. High-quality hearing aids can transmit sound to the ear comprehensively and clearly, promoting children to learn language, and some inferior hearing aids, Yinqiang transmission is not very stable, will blindly magnify the formation of strong sound signal, and ignore those faint voice signal, long wear such hearing aids, not conducive to the training of children's learning, observation ability, but also to the hearing to bring certain damage.

100-105 DB most suitable for children's hearing

Also note that you must pay attention to the maximum output volume of the hearing aid, prevent excessive volume on the child caused discomfort and even damage to the remaining hearing, many hearing aids can provide more than 140 decibels of output, children's hearing aids to apply a range of 100-105 decibels, parents should be the volume output value limit in the scope of application in order to avoid damage to hearing.