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Choose Massager, Also Depends On The Standard
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Different people need different

Sedentary people in the office, can choose to work in the workplace and the family can be used, especially for various parts of the massage equipment. The neck to knead mainly, shoulder to beat mainly, waist to knead pinch, vibration, heating combined, head, eye pressure (pressure) massage mainly.

Elderly people almost all have osteoporosis problems, so the elderly with massage stick, local massager, adjustable strength body massage chair mainly to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism.

Sports crowd massage is mainly aimed at muscle, more suitable for the massage function, the muscle kneading function and have local heating function of products, such as massage chair body massage function.

Not everyone is suitable for massage products. Have dermatosis and skin breakage person, inside and outside department critically ill patient, there are open injuries, blood diseases and bleeding tendencies, physical weakness can not withstand a slight manipulation of the crowd, not suitable for use; In addition, extreme fatigue, drunkenness, starvation and half an hour after meals and fever, not to do full-body massage, women during pregnancy and menstrual period are not suitable for abdominal massage.

Massage strength should be appropriate

In the purchase, consumers have to go to the mall to experience the field, it is best not to buy online. Shopping malls are generally qualified for this type of enterprise inspection, online product brands, the security may be lack of real experience. In addition, the quality of massage products from gentle to powerful massage is more fluent, comfortable, the strength of the adjustment has a more obvious feeling, low-grade massage chair force distinction is not obvious. When consumers buy, it is best to experience the strength and skill to choose the right massage products.

Choose massage products, pay attention to select some brand products. In addition, choose massage products to see whether the appearance of exquisite workmanship. Massage chairs are home environment components, the appearance of color and the overall environmental harmony.

Daily use of massage device, generally no more than half an hour a day, otherwise it may lead to muscle tissue damage and conversion to fat. Some consumers believe that the greater the massage, the more pain, the better the health effect, this view is wrong, massage should be moderately appropriate to feel comfortable, too heavy to lead to muscle soft tissue injury.