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Blood Pressure Meter (meter) Product Consumption Guide
- Jul 24, 2017 -

1. blood pressure meter (meter) is both a medical device for measuring human blood pressure and a pressure measuring apparatus. The user selects the blood pressure meter (meter), first selects has the CMC measuring apparatus manufacture license sign and the medical Device production license sign product.

2. Precautions for the use of blood pressure gauges:

(1) Before measuring blood pressure, must check whether the blood pressure table pointer is in the 0-bit mark line, if the pointer points to the 0-bit mark line, need to send the relevant department maintenance and verification.

(2) When using blood pressure gauges to measure blood pressure, pay attention to whether the pointer deflection is smooth, the pointer in the process of rotation must not be beating, jammed, sluggish phenomenon, or should be sent to the relevant departments for maintenance and verification.

(3) Because of the internal structure of blood pressure meter and the factors such as membrane box elastic element, long-term use is easy to cause the indication deviation is too big, so its stability is not as good as mercury column sphygmomanometer, need to calibrate frequently.

3. Precautions for use of Sphygmomanometer:

(1) Before use, open the sphygmomanometer lid, after the upper lid open, the mercury glass tube should be in the vertical position.

(2) before measuring blood pressure, it is necessary to check whether the mercury convex in the glass tube is tangent to the 0 tick line, if the mercury convex is above 0 tick line 0.5kPa above or below 0 tick mark 0.2kPa above, should send to the relevant department maintenance and verification.

(3) in the measurement of blood pressure in the process of the glass tube if the mercury has broken column or bubble upside phenomenon, you need to immediately stop the measurement, the blood pressure sphygmomanometer measurement will have a greater error, should be sent to the relevant departments for maintenance and verification. 4 blood pressure measurement after completion should be tilted to the right 45ยบ, so that all mercury into the storage of mercury bottles, will switch off to avoid mercury leakage.