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Guangzhou Haokang Medical warmly welcome anyone with lofty ideas to join us, competitive salary system will be offered, welcome to contact recruit@haokangmed.com.More personnels of the below positions are needed at present:



-         Quality Inspectors


1. Responsible for the daily inspection of the product, and the status of the product after the inspection;

2. In accordance with the inspection standards for testing, the accuracy of the test data is responsible, and fill in the test records;

3. In a timely manner to the manager or engineer to report the inspection found in the unqualified situation, do a good job of substandard goods isolation work;

4. More than one year experience in quality inspection, have experience in medical products testing equipment is preferred

5. Familiar with the use of measuring tools and testing equipment or operating procedures

6. hard-working, hard learning, serious and responsible for the work, a sense of quality and a good team spirit.


-         Sales representative


1, to maintain old customers, open up new markets, the development of new customers;

2, responsible for the sale of regional sales activities planning and implementation;

3, management and maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation between customers plan.

4, optimistic personality, quick thinking, good at communication, love sales work;

5, there is a strong desire to pursue success, to adapt to long - term travel;

6, medical equipment or pharmaceutical sales experience in the hospital more than 3 years of priority;


-         After - sales service commissioner


1, responsible for the company's products to receive goods, installation, maintenance, maintenance work;

2, regular inspection for large customers, return visit, good after-sales service work;

3, male, hard-working, patient, able to adapt to long-term travel;