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What's the difference of Haokang Medical Adjustable Beds?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

1. solid and durable

1) Bed headboard:

 a. The headboard and tailgate are made of imported ABS engineering plastics, which are injection molded by advanced technology, with high hardness and easy to clean;

 b. The steel pipe fixed structure is set inside, which is firm and firm.

2) bed board:

 a. Using 1.2mm Shanghai Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate, using one-time molding---"modular" production mode, the quality is more stable.

b. Moreover, a “Japanese” type rectangular steel pipe reinforcement structure is added on the back of the bed board, so that the bed plate has strong anti-pressure and never deforms.

2. the double support drag structure of the bed

 1) The “double support unloading structure” design of the backboard can effectively distribute the two-thirds of the patient's weight on the bedboard evenly over the bed beam.

 2) the maximum reduction of the force of the solenoid

 3) Extend the service life of the solenoid and reduce the maintenance rate

 4) at the same time make the joystick operation easier

3. two-way in place without limit protection solenoid system

1) The screw adopts thickened seamless steel pipe.

2) built-in special material "self-lubricating, maintenance-free" nut (Germany high-tech materials IGUS company), durable wear, overcome the noise, easy to operate.

4. the crank drive system:

 1) Create a "people-oriented" "anti-pinch" design, "two levels in place to open and close" technology, to avoid the hidden troubles of one-time return;

 2) "self-lubricating" aviation aluminum material shaking glove tube and shrapnel "in-line" design, to prevent secondary pollution caused by the addition of "lubricating oil"

 3) "special fine thread" screw design, making the transmission system run particularly easy, "ultra-quiet" and "soothing" lifting, intimate care highlights professional

5. aviation aluminum material "spindle fixed seat":

Completely eliminate the risk of the natural plastic aging caused by weather and other reasons, causing the entire bed to collapse; thus avoiding "patient disputes"

6. luxury patent all-inclusive round:

     1) The world's first truly “anti-winding” patented technology to completely prevent dust and prevent foreign matter such as cleaning cloth and hair from getting caught inside the casters.

     2) bold "Plug-in" (¢ 28mm solid round steel) fixed design ---- never bend, break

     3) the tread is made of professional TPR wear-resistant material----quiet wear-resistant

7. robot "precision" welding technology

For the safety and service life of the hospital bed, we introduce the German imported professional welding robot to carry out “precise” welding on all the workpieces of the hospital bed (the only one in the industry), avoiding all kinds of defects and defects of manual welding, ensuring the safe and reliable bed, stable and solid.

8. "double coating" coating technology

Good products require good "coating" protection. In the surface treatment of metal, it adopts the same advanced spraying technology as the famous Japanese bed manufacturer, namely “electrophoresis primer + electrostatic powder coating”, which makes the metal device rust-proof inside and outside, prolongs the service life of the bed, and can resist the large intestine. Escherichia and Staphylococcus aureus are suitable for use in hospital work environments.