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What do I need to pay attention to buying a foot tub?
- Jul 24, 2017 -

What do I need to pay attention to buying a foot tub?

First point: Security. Please select the steam heating of the foot tub, water and electricity completely isolated to prevent leakage.

The second point: convenience. In order to facilitate the use of the elderly, the foot tub can be used as far as possible to choose those easy to operate, less control of the foot tub, preferably with automatic program settings.

The third point: health. The best choice for the foot tub is the split. A multiple basin can avoid cross-infection and also facilitate the cleansing and disinfection of users.

The following points need to be noted when choosing a foot bathtub:

1, buy a foot bath when the request on-site demonstration, in advance to prepare a pen, put in the water to see whether the electrification.

Pen can detect whether the foot bathtub is leaking

2. It is best to choose a steam-heated foot tub. This kind of steam-heated foot bath can completely isolate the water and electricity, prevent leakage, compared to other direct heating of the foot bath heating time will be slightly longer, but more safe!

3, it is best not to buy with ozone sterilization function of the foot tub, remember from the Internet to understand that ozone has strong oxidation, although there is bactericidal function, but also kill cells, long time will let the feet black. As now the refrigerator is no longer using ozone function.

4, for the elderly to use, you can choose those one-button operation with automatic program of the foot tub.

5. Cleaning is convenient. With the drainage function, easy to clean and disinfect.

6, for the elderly use, we'd better choose with fumigation function of the foot bathtub.

7, the family has the old person's words, may choose a to have the Chinese medicine extraction function The foot bathtub, carries on the Chinese Medicine foot bath.

8, the best choice of those big brand, quality, good reputation, excellent after-sales service manufacturers. This type of enterprise products generally through CQC certification, international electrical CB Certification, the National Technical Supervision Bureau of the inspection report.