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The selection method and main points of domestic water purifier
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Select according to the function of water purifier

There are many kinds of water purifier in the market, such as water purifier, purifying machine, softener, straight drink machine ... A wide variety of name to let consumers dazzling, do not know how to choose, generally speaking, the common household water purifier has a front filter, Central water purifier, central soft drink machine, terminal direct drinking machine, their respective functions and uses are different, consumers should be understood before purchasing.

Front filter: Generally installed in the water pipe after the water meter, is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole house, you can filter the water in the silt, rust, large particulate matter, but also can stabilize the water pressure, protection connected in the back of the purification equipment.

Central Water purifier: mainly through KDF filter and activated carbon adsorption, effective purification of water quality, removal of water may contain silt, rust, bacteria, suspended matter, algae, macromolecules and other harmful substances, to retain water in the human body favorable minerals, treatment of water to reach the standard of drinking water.

Central Soft Water machine: Replace the calcium in the effluent by natural resin, magnesium ions, such as reducing the hardness of water, softening water quality, reduce the mineral in the water in the clothing and skin wear, can protect the skin, protective clothing, but also to avoid water minerals in the sanitary ware, tableware, such as the formation of macular, to avoid water pipes, water heaters to produce scale, to facilitate the

Terminal Direct drinking machine: the use of high-precision five-level filtration process, in the use of water terminals to filter treatment, out of the water reached the drinking standard, unscrew the faucet can be directly drunk, that is, open that drink, to avoid two of pollution, water quality activity, high oxygen content, can promote human metabolism, enhance human cell vitality.