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Scientific and reasonable purchase of household medical devices
- Jul 24, 2017 -

First, check the relevant licensing, domestic and foreign medical equipment in the State or provincial Bureau of Drug Supervision and approval registration, obtain a registration certificate can be sold, the relevant specifications must be printed on the production license number and product registration number, the certificate can be on the National Drug Supervision Bureau on-line inquiries. If not, it is counterfeit products, consumers can complain.

Second, learn to see the medical device product classification, according to the product risk, the national unification divides into one, two or three categories, category higher risk degree higher, three kinds of medical device cannot purchase by itself, therefore before buying, should ask the merchant to inquire the product category and the security hidden trouble.

Third, the choice of regular channels to buy, Zheng medical stores or medical equipment business enterprises, businesses have "medical equipment business License" and business license and other qualifications, after-sales service is also guaranteed.

Four, under the guidance of the doctor's advice to buy, because medical devices are mainly used for diagnosis and treatment, so before purchasing to read the relevant instructions, to clarify the role of the product, the use of methods and precautions and taboos.

Five, do not blindly listen to propaganda, some businesses to promote exaggerated efficacy, propaganda "package cures all Diseases", "magic" effect, so that consumers spend a lot of money is also bungled the illness, medical devices in the registration and approval, its adaptation scope has been strictly certified, its use is written in the manual.

Finally, the purchase invoice, the official invoice is the purchase voucher, the product warranty, the quality of complaints, convenient after-sale and rights.