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Pay attention to three wants when purchasing medical equipment
- Jul 24, 2017 -

To understand the scope of product application. Consumers in the purchase of medical equipment to read the instructions carefully, to clarify the role of the product mechanism, scope of application, usage, attention and contraindications, and so on, some to be under the guidance of the Doctor to buy the use, not credulous marketing.

Second, to view the product license. Medical devices must obtain legal qualifications before the sale can be listed, such as product registration certificate number, production license number. Medical equipment Packaging, instructions should be printed on the product and production enterprises legal license number. If the product packaging, instructions do not have the corresponding legal license number, is not a legitimate medical equipment. Consumers can login to the State administration of Food and Drug Administration website for inquiries.

Three to obtain the purchase of products. Bill is the consumer's purchase certificate, in product warranty, quality complaints play an important role. The consumer should purchase the medical device in the normal business place, and obtain the related bill, do not plan easy, cheap, otherwise cannot defend own rights.