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Pay attention to five points to buy blood sugar meter
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Blood sugar meter purchase suggestion:

1, from the economic point of view: The calculation of test paper dosage and economic base

How many pieces of paper do you need to use for one months before you or your family, and then calculate how much you can afford to pay for it, within the cost range of this paper to find the corresponding blood sugar meter

2, from the perspective of accuracy to consider: to understand the type of blood sugar analyzer and family drug use

If your family does not take sugars other than glucose (such as xylose, maltose) of the drug, can choose the glucose dehydrogenase test paper (Roche Abbott, etc.), can also choose glucose oxidase test paper (such as Bayer); If your family accepts other sugars that contain non glucose medications, you can only choose glucose oxidase strips.

The five-look of choosing the blood sugar meter

1, see the accuracy

Accuracy is the primary concern of purchasing a blood sugar analyzer. Although the blood glucose analyzer can not reach the accuracy of the biochemical analyzer, the measured blood sugar value should be similar to the test value, the smaller the difference the better. Some blood sugar meters have built-in calibration function, can be obtained with the biochemical instrument to measure venous blood approximation results, the purchase can be preferred.

2. See the operation of the instrument

Should pay attention to the use of blood needle is convenient, instrument reading function is sensitive, the replacement of the battery is convenient. In addition, the need for blood sampling should not be excessive.

3. See practicality

Should be easy to carry, in order to facilitate the monitoring at any time when going out. The operation steps should be simple, if the detection step is more, the patient self-test is easy to fail. For the elderly or combined with visual impairment, should be used to display the font large enough, the number concise and clear blood sugar meter.

4. See function

Pay attention to the size of memory capacity and whether it comes with time and date functions. There is no time and date to store the results, it is difficult to distinguish postprandial blood sugar and fasting blood sugar values. Some blood sugar meter has the automatic discard the test paper, the automatic start-up, calculates the average function and so on, will give the patient the daily detection to bring convenience.

5. See the comprehensive price

Not only to see the price of the instrument, but also to consider the cost of supplies, such as test paper, batteries, blood needles, etc., can be a priority to consider the overall cost-effective products.