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How to choose the relevant knowledge of household oxygen generator
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Household oxygen generator is not like anyone needs daily necessities, everyone needs, who understand. Most of the people who buy oxygen plants are in urgent need, or the elderly or patients in the family are not breathing smoothly, the doctor suggested the use of, or there is a pregnant woman at home, the late pregnancy oxygen supply insufficient to prevent fetal hypoxia.

Most people who need oxygen are elderly people, especially respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or heart disease and cancer. This part of the population due to the body of some organs have undergone lesions, resulting in the body organs can not function normally, thus hindering the body's oxygen intake, resulting in hypoxia. However, with the increasingly small office environment, more and more closed, environmental hypoxia has become a major current situation, a lot of office people sit motionless, space and closed, so it will cause severe hypoxia, leading to some sub-health diseases. Therefore, the household oxygen generator in people's eyes become more and more common, more and more important, but also become the gift market a new generation of health gifts.

How to choose the relevant knowledge of household oxygen generator

When we choose a home oxygen generator, we must first understand the good user's physical condition, is used for health care, or auxiliary physiotherapy. If the use of health care we can choose intelligent adjustment, if it is used for physical therapy, it is best to buy can be adjusted arbitrarily. Because the old man's condition is not necessarily, also may become good also may become worse, so different period may need the body oxygen concentration also different, arbitrary adjustment can adjust according to need at any time. Take oxygen life, the bottom left of the a paragraph is arbitrary adjustable, the right side of this is intelligent adjustment. Intelligent regulation refers to the concentration and flow is one by one corresponding to the choice of stalls are relatively small. Intelligent regulation also has a benefit is that you can use the remote Control Board to regulate the flow of concentration, to replace the stalls when more convenient, so for the mobility of the crowd is still quite practical.