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How to buy old crutches? Teach you 5 tips
- Jul 24, 2017 -

I. Material selection

Material is vital to the safety of crutches. The old man's crutch will bear a part of the weight of the old, so it cannot be cracked during use. Metal Old Cane is a good choice.

II. Crutches Handle

A comfortable cane handle can make the old man comfortable, try to choose a soft handle or a handle that suits the old person's hand size, which can be based on personal preferences.

Third, the bottom of the cane Baotou

The bottom of the cane should be highly resilient rubber, which can help increase friction while walking, and apply most of the ground. The rubber at the bottom of the cane ensures strong flexibility and the tooth pattern remains clear. You need to replace the new Baotou if the tooth pattern seems to have passed.

Four, crutches to a few feet

In general, if the elderly body is not too poor, choose a single foot of the cane is enough, but if the elderly balance is poor, or have a history of stroke, arthritis or leg injury, support poor situation, it is best to select more feet to enhance the body's support.

V. Length of crutches

The length of crutches is also very important, too long or too short will make the old people support is not natural: crutches too long, will make the body tilt, easy to lead to the elderly foot trample is not real; The most appropriate height of the cane, should be the person standing at attention, the hands naturally droop, the cane from the ground to the wrist to reach the level of the skin horizontal.