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How big is the market for normal beds?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

With the development of society, people's living standards and quality of life are also improving rapidly. This can be seen from the hospital's medical equipment. Like a dozen years ago, we went to the hospital and found the wards of most municipal hospitals. There will also be a general bed, a flat bed, or a single shaker.        

However, in recent years, even in county-level hospital wards, there are few such ordinary medical beds with a single function. Then, is this ordinary ABS bed without any function and the stainless steel hospital bed really exit the market, or completely withdraw from the historical stage?        

In fact, many of the places we are not too exposed to are still using these general beds. This is mainly due to the fact that these places have certain requirements for the function of manual beds or ordinary beds. For example, the beds in mental hospitals we are familiar with, most of them purchase this kind of ordinary flat medical beds, because too many functions will cause certain harm to some special patients. Most of these places purchase stainless steel medical beds. Because these beds are stronger than ABS beds.       

In addition, hospitals in prisons also choose single-shake beds or flat-bed medical beds because patients in these areas are more demanding for safety and durability.        

There are also some small community clinics in rural areas, and their requirements for hospital beds are not high, so many manufacturers are now not producing such simple medical beds, such as Guangzhou Haokang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., they started to take the high-end market as The main development goals. But this does not mean that the medical bed disappears.