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Do you really use Manual Adjustable Beds correctly?
- Jul 13, 2018 -

In fact, the use of manual beds is similar to that of other functions, but it is simple in terms of operation. For example, compared with electric motors, many electric beds have more complicated functions, and there are many buttons, which are not suitable for ordinary patients. Convenient and quick operation requirements, this is one of the reasons why many hospitals choose to hand-crank medical beds.

Let us officially introduce what problems should be paid attention to when using manual beds. Since it is a hand-cranked bed, the natural control of the bed is naturally a rocker, so the role of the rocker in this is very large. Whether it is the patient's family or the nurses in the hospital, be sure to pay attention when operating the rocker handle. Apply even force to avoid the situation that the rocker is loosened due to excessive force, because if the wire is dropped, the raised bed panel will suddenly drop, causing both physical and mental damage to the patient.

Then it is the daily maintenance of the three-fold four-fold bed, which is more important, because some hand-bed medical hand beds need to be lubricated at the rocker to ensure the normal use of the rocker. Of course, if you buy the products of Guangzhou Haokang Medical, you don't have this concern at all, because the various parts of our beds are all self-lubricating, no need to oil frequently.

In addition, when cleaning the daily bed surface, be careful not to have foreign matter in the bed surface link, which is easy to cause irreversible damage to the bed when the bed is lifted and lowered, thereby shortening the service life of the hand-cranked hospital bed.

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