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Cane chair-old man s crutch
- Jul 24, 2017 -

How to pick a cane chair for the old man in the house? The first is the selection of the crutch chair material. The material of cane chair is wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon fiber. These materials are generally not too heavy, the price, aluminum alloy, stainless steel relatively cheap, carbon fiber is more expensive. The importance of material is not its price, but the load-bearing performance. The cane chair not only as a crutch, but also as a stool, the elderly will put a large part of their weight on the cane chair. So the cane chair material load-bearing performance must be better. Cane chairs as crutches and three footstool, the load-bearing capacity is not the same, select the time to pay attention.

In addition, the material also needs to stabilize the performance, cannot appear suddenly the situation. Aluminum alloy in load-bearing performance and stability is relatively moderate, it is recommended that you prioritize the selection of aluminum cane chair.

We need to be very concerned about the stability of the foot material, as well as on the three footstool. The choice is best for the whole person to sit up, feet off the ground, the weight of the whole body on the cane chair. Observe that the foot of the cane chair is not curved and deformed, and the middle intersection of the three feet is not shaking.