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6 details to be noted by experts reminding consumers to buy household medical devices
- Jul 24, 2017 -

First, under the guidance of the Doctor to buy the use. Medical devices are used to diagnose and treat diseases and should be consulted by doctors before purchasing. Although many medical devices are aimed at the "home" direction of marketing, there are more and more people to recognize the convenience of their home, but some use of more stringent conditions of medical equipment should be under the guidance of professional doctors, do not covet convenience. Before purchasing a medical device, carefully read the product specification, ask the salesperson or doctor to find out the mechanism of the product, scope of application, use methods, precautions, contraindications and so on, according to the doctor's advice and their own circumstances to choose to buy and use. In addition, the use of regular doctors to evaluate the effect, check for adverse reactions to prevent misuse of damage to health.

Second, check the operator is not eligible. The state stipulates that the sale of medical devices must have certain qualification conditions and obtain the license of medical device Business enterprise and business license. Consumers should carefully check whether the business unit has a license to engage in mobile sales, temporary stalls sales, to buy carefully, lest cheated.

Third, can not believe the promotion of marketing personnel. Medical devices in the registration and approval, can cure which disease or the scope of application, to undergo strict certification, the information recorded in the "Product registration certificate" attached to the "Product registration form". The product specification must be based on the "Product application scope" in the registration form. Consumers in the purchase consultation to check the formal product specifications, it is best to check with the registration form is consistent with the content (some dealers can provide copies). In particular, some businesses in the promotion of products, not in accordance with the scope of application of the approval of publicity, or even exaggerated the efficacy of arbitrary. Therefore, the distribution and instructions are inconsistent with the contents of the leaflets, the use of guidelines, case introduction, propaganda "magic effect", "package medical diseases" will be particularly careful.