Deluxe Extendable Five Functions Electric ICU Beds with LED Night Light

Five Function Electric ICU Bed/ Length Extension Function/ Under-bed Night Light/ Off Bed Alarm/ One Button CPR Function/ ACP Panel/ Weighing Function Optional

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deluxe extendable five functions electric ICU beds with ACP,UPS,CPR and LED night light0.pngdeluxe extendable five functions electric ICU beds with ACP,UPS,CPR and LED night light1.png

HK-D-002H Extendable Five Function Electric ICU Bed

Model: HK-D-002H


External dimension: L2200*W1080*H (480-730) mm



1. Back-rest lifting: 0~75°

2. Knee-rest lifting: 0~50°

3. Hi-Lo adjustment: 480~730mm

4. Trendelenburg and Rev. Trendelenburg: 0~12°

5. Length extension range: 0~200mm



1.     Integral molding forming bed board is made of carbon steel with 1.2mm thickness, designed with ventilation channels for air circulation. Anti-rust bed frame and finished with high temperature electrostatic powder spraying.

bed board.jpg

powder spraying.png


2.     The weighing capacity is 280kg, the "" shaped special steel pipe reinforcement structure installed on the back of bed board greatly increases the weighing capacity and help to balance the pressure

 Steel pipe reinforcement structure.JPGhaokang bed structurer.jpg


3.     The back of the bed using "double support force structure", the patient weight and the weight of the bed effectively transfer two thirds of the bed beam, it can minimize the motor force, effectively extending the service life of motor and bed.

double support.JPG


4.     The bed frame is produced by large laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, four-column hydraulic machine and other equipment to make the product more streamlined, sturdy and elegant.


5.     100% fresh ABS injection molded head and foot board, built-in with a solid steel bolt, strong and easy to be detached, which can also be CPR emergency board. And it’s equipped with anti-collision bumper, to prevent the damage from moving in the collision.

        head and foot board.jpg  N001 head and foob board.JPG


6.     Split safety PP side rails is able to cover the whole length of the mattress platform, with air spring and double lock-switch, convenient and reliable.


PP side rail.JPG

7.     Bed foot can be extended to accommodate with taller patients, or patients’ closing and belongs.

extended bed end.jpg


8.     Imported high-performance motors and electronic control system, with ultra-quiet, constant speed, anti-electromagnetic, anti-jamming and other functions.. Equipped with patient handset and attendant control panel(ACP), which can lock the patient handset.



9.     Build-in angle indicator to show bed elevation to assist in safe patient positioning and enhance nursing care.

10.  With LED night light, convenient for patients to leave the bed at night.


11.  Synchronous linkage with back-rest lifting and knee-rest lifting, it can effectively prevent the glide shift of the patient’s position, thus reducing the workload of medical staff.

12.  “T” shape patent designed central brake system is equipped with luxury sand blast oxidation aviation aluminum pedal, which is anti-slip and to prevent missing step.


comparation of central brake system.JPG

13.  The bed frame is equipped with 4 infusion holders and 4 drainage bags hooks.

14.  With uninterrupted power supply(UPS)

15.  With electrical one button release CPR function



Standard Accessory: drip stand with 4 aluminum alloy hooks,which can buffer down through the air resistance





More features:

1.     “Air resistance buffer structure” can avoid accident caused by the infusion bags dropping down suddenly;



2.     The handle is padded with PE foam, both for feeling comfortable and prevent the I.V.rod moving from locking the rotary knob; the rotary knob is designed by Anti-shedding structure, never fall off.




3.     Hooks are made of aluminum alloy, never get rusty.


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